BLACK [is a culture]

  1. Light Of The World – I’m So Happy
  2. Lo-Fi Odysseys – Untitled
  3. Alice Coltrane – Om Supreme
  4. Gil Scott Heron – Rivers Of My Father
  5. Courtney Pine feat. Susaye Greene ‎– Children of The Ghetto
  6. Ray Charles – Unchain My Heart
  7. Leo Thomas – It’s My Life I’m Fighting For / What Would You Do? Racial Profiling: The Bike Thief
  8. The Limit – POP
  9. Capleton – In Her Heart instrumental/Vibes FM [Lo-Fi Odysseys Edit]
  10. Amandla Stenberg - Don't Cash Crop On My Cornrows [Lo-Fi Odysseys – Untitled Re-work]
  11. Lo-Fi Odysseys – Untitled 
  12. Maryam – Alright (Kendrick Lamar Rework)
  13. Doug Carn feat. Jean Carn – Revelation
  14. Doug Hammond – We People
  15. Don Blackman & The Family Tradition – Ghetto Lament
  16. DMX – Ready To Meet Him instrumental / Sandra Bland police dashcam
  17. The John Coltrane Quartet – Africa
  18. Roy Ayers feat. Carla Vaughn – Everytime I See You [Lo-Fi Odysseys Edit]
  19. Yutaka – Haiku
  20. Henry Franklin – Soft Spirit /  John Coltrane Interview

OkayAfrica Feature | ‘BLACK. [is a culture]’: A Powerful Mix About Racial Discrimination

“Lo-Fi Odysseys is the musical persona of Nigerian-rooted, London-based photographer and artist Daniel Oduntan. His doc-mix BLACK. [is a culture] is a heart-wrenching exploration of the discriminatory treatment of black culture and black people within Western society.

Blending audio clips from news coverage and debates about incidents of racial discrimination over songs from Alice & John Coltrane, Kendrick Lamar, Courtney Pine, Leo Thomas, Light of the World, Gil Scott Heron, Jean & Doug Carn, Don Blackman and many others, BLACK. [is a culture] offers a stirring portrayal of institutional racism through a mixtape.

“This mix has been on my mind for awhile now,” Daniel Oduntan writes in an e-mail to Okayafrica. “It’s a challenging mix and looks more at the black diaspora, exploring the abusive experiences of black people/the black diaspora within white/western society and the cost to still create and sustain culture within it. The mix touches on themes from black culture ownership to culture exchange and appropriation. Plus looking at the attitude of why cultural ownership isn’t given to people of colour, after the price they’ve had to pay for it.”

“The mix revisits the work of Lee Mun Wah’s films The Colour Of Fear and Last Chance for Eden, it also looks at BLACK BRITAIN: Rise Of Racism In The UK from the BBC archives and many other clips from tapes I’ve dubbed off radio to online sound bite recordings.”

“It’s a mix for the Africa diaspora as-well as non-blacks and hopefully will challenge, inform, and bring about vital dialogue.”