13 Moon Cycle (Spectral Moon)

“The Planetary Moon has played its part, we now welcome you to the Spectral Moon!

For this cycle we passed the torch to Daniel Oduntan, a London-based creative who is active in both music and documentary photography. Under the moniker LO-FI ODYSSEYS he has recently put out two volumes of a series called Palm Wine Beats, an inspiring audio collage paying homage to his motherland Nigeria.

Upon hearing these tapes, we immediately fell in love and asked him to do a moon-mix. He agreed and we are more than thrilled to present you with the result: A 1-hour long journey exploring the theme 'liberation', elaborated with some highly creative sampling. Blending and bending things like orchestral strings, modern soul and synth virtuosity. Traveling through the charming sounding wires of tape cassette, this mix will surely cause nostalgic feelings to many of us. But besides looking backwards, it also places a point of focus on our future, providing useful insights on the theme 'liberation'. How can we let go of issues like modern society struggle and social injustice?

Daniel himself had this to say about the process of assembling the mix:

"The processing of putting together this mix has been in many ways refreshing and challenging at the same time. Challenging in terms of finding the time, energy and justification; as well as keeping these elements in balance.

The whole thing is mixed on cassette tape - doing so allowed me the freedom to record live, use loads of pause-tape loops, and odd guitar pedal FXs. It also liberated me from being too precious (as I know I can be), making the overall sound scruffy on the edges- just like the experimental/lo-fi sound I'm used to.

For the mix, I took the theme of ‘liberation' and applied it to myself as a man trying to stand on two feet and be free to pursue my artistic directions. The play on the theme also touches on the parts of the creative journey many don't see: the self-doubt, the loneliness, the longing to be free and fly. It also equally touches upon the notion of being aware and accepting the struggles that are involved in the creative journey. In a sense, through this mix, I am paying homage to those that have been able to achieve this in their own lives, and thanking them for the gift of wisdom and direction.

Another dimension of this theme is that of liberation from social injustice. As a man of African decent, I long for this struggle to be understood, for us to view the world through the eyes of a child, to see and perceive beauty that exists among us. About this time last year, was part of the podcast team for IdeasTap, an art charity, where we interviewed numerous artists. I have included some samples from these in the mix, I hope they will aid you in your journey as they have mine."

We thank Lo-Fi Odysseys for his efforts and look forward to check out his upcoming works. Happy Spectral Moon everybody!“ INI Movement Records